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Freddy Figgers, who at age 28, donated free cell phones and Sim cards to Puerto Rican Hurricane victims,  by Fred Ruggers, years a leading ITT inventor, and President of his only fully operating Black-owned  Figgers Telecom Corp.
MSNBC's Joy Reid's
Weekend Cable Show beats Fox News and CNN  First Quarter . 2018, She's among guests VIPS at NAN''S 2018 Conf.

April 15, 2018 Ballet Hispanio's 
NY Season  final date. May 18,
 at  United Palace Theatre,
 Upper Manhattan 

Steve Harvey, WBLS-Radio's "Steve Harvey" Radio Show host, Family Fued clelebrity host/comedian, "Kings of Comedy" icon, often  publicly acknowledges and cites  his acclaimed all reflects God's blessings.   

 April 30,  2018 dealine aaplying  for Jay Shawn Carter & his Mom's scholarships up to $2,500 minmum 2.0 high school or  GED college bound 
March 2018s Weather Channel purchased
 by Byron Allen, is one among eight channels within his prestigious Entertainment Studios 
Mar thru  April 2018,  Broadway's
 Chicago Musical's raved reviewed singer-songwriter painist Valerie Simpson, and widow of she and her late husband',   Nick  Ashford and Simpson's iconic world's famous music 
 couple since the 1970s
From 9/2  to 9/8 /18 Sisters and Friends attending the 12th annual Martha's Vineyard includes Black women from various backgrounds and ages nationwide
Sep. 22, 2018 , in Washington, D.C., Chanel Turner, President/CEO of  her FOU-DRE, first Black  female-owned popular Vodka liquor brand is  event sponsor of the   Annual Black Owned Wine and  Spirits Conventione 

NYGB regrets not attending, despite our invitation to witness the miracuously recovered actor Tracy Morgan's "key to the city" honor from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' on Dec. 9 

2018 "Biggie Smalls, Deceased Hip Hop Legend  Christopher Wallace has Brooklyn's Gates and St. James Place  street strip  named after him

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Eric Adams, Brooklyn BoroPres

May 2019 Phenomenal charitable exchanges occurred  when Principal Akbar Cook of Newark's Westside High School, received  a surprised visit from Media Magnate Oprah , plus her  $500,000 donation, supporting Akbar's critically  acclaimed  Lights  program;  $50 Shop Rite gift card, plus pizza for students.
May 2019  Top Black Billionaire Robert F. Smith's startled millions with his unprecdented  Record Breakers announcment to pay all Morehouse 2019 graduates' school debts
Qualifications for CEO Cherry Wawick, Black Blockchain

American Idol's original host Randy Jackson still promotes and produce talents, events and more, posing with Paula Abdul,  tchoereographer and dance icon
July  2019 As published in NYs 
Amsterdam News, pleasant Allela Murphy, the U.S' oldest living American, celebrating 114 years is a North Carolina college grad, before settling in Harlem, after leaving that state where she was born in 1905. She was a seamstress, baker and top Fuller Brush sale rep.  As a talented jitterbug dancer, Harlem's Savoy Manor.was 
her favorite dance venue.  .

July 10th' 92nd birthday for NYCs 
108th statesman Mayor David Dinkins, whose term entailed  record-setting reduction of NYCs crime rates, also as a native of Trenton, NJ   Howard Univ.'s Magna Cum Laude grad., U.S. Marine vet, NYC Assemblyman.  Manhattan Borough Pres. and author.  Dinkins' impressive NYCs financial recovery
and "Clean Streets" initiatives entailed massively renovating several  North Harlem, South Bronx and Brookyn,'s dilapated housing; and blighted Time Square. He's alsoo famous or building Queen's Arhur Ashe's U.S. Tennis Stadium.  Many New Yorkers also respect his  diplomatic visits to Israel  and  for hosting  Nelson Mandela's first U.S. visit  following his 25 years'  Souh Africa Anti-Apartheid incarceration.  

Aug 2019 New York Global.Biz s a minimal
funded glossy print online
lifestyle and business trends magazine, in its Eighth's year that introdu and celebrity   RECORD BREAKERS and businesses 
2019s Highest Paid Artists, per Forbes Magazine's  latest issue, attests to how dominant  Hip Hop Musich has
 became the world's top music genre
Atlanta, GA hosted  their  three days August 2019th 
"We  Buy Black" Campaign
Sep. 2019s Latino PR History at Celebration hosted by The City of NY Mueseum  of Public Relations,
The phenomenal  "Book of the Decade, published in Nov. 2018, three months later 10 miliion Mitchell Obama's ' "Becoming" Books sold, as 2018s  No. #1 New York Times and Oprah Winfield's Book Clubs' best-sellers.
Sep. 2019 Chris Williams, Atlanta Youngest Black Subway Shop Owner, who raised $120,000 was formerly homeless ,
Fall 2019 Plitz's  Fashion Week's Penn Hotel Show's  NYC  Red Carpet models' dazzling,
"no  buttons, no zippers no wrrinkkles' originals by Designers Palace's Dee Dee Tufts-Carter (front) 
August 6, 2019,. Princeton University Professor, Tony Morrison's 83 years included being an rare recipient of the Pulitizer, Nobel Peace, Medal of Freedom among  literary awards.  Her spellbounding literatury depiction of Blacks, especially Black women made her among the most sought after best -selling icon authofs world-wide
  • SHOP BLACK WEEK  Nov. 22 - 29  29, 2019
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Vital Statistics: 
How Bobby DeBarge's story aired in 71 million Households, produced by TV ONE a leading, most popular Black documentary tv producers since 
Fall 2019 Congratulations 
for basket and entrepeneur
iegend Shaquille Oneill's new Shaq Towers $80 million luxury apt. building in Newark, NJ. 
 Dec. 11, 2019 Arnold Pinnux,  award-winning author/playwright of  "The Peacemaker" Dr. King's book and play, performs as Black Santa Claus at The Church of Scientology, West 48th St., NYC

Oct. 2019  Media reports:  Although we at NYGB refused to believe his transistion,  and during his illness, the Hon. Eliijah Cummings, Baltimore MD, and Congress' House Rep's  kindred, righteous, patiently and strategically signed two supeonas as Chairman of the House of Oversight and Reform Justice Committee. New York's Hakeem Jeffreies' Chair of the DNC tweeted  "Congress lost a champion and Heaven gained an Angel of Justice. May he forever rest in peace,."
      As the first U.S. Black Congressional leader who body laid in the U.S. Washington, D.C. capital,  Cummings' 14 years as a lawyer, included being  Maryland's first Delegate to win Pro-tem. Dignitaries, , politicians celebs and others  mourners crowded in and  outside of the funeral , BeBe Wnans sang '" Stand", Cummings favorite  song. 
" And now he had to actually go on to work to fight for the soul of our democracy-against real corruption," said his wife, Dr. Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings.  Dr. Mena's moving eulogy was followed by  Presidents Obama praiseing  Elijah' s humbled beginnings, as that which we tell ourselves what's possible in this country, not guaranteed, but possible and that Mr. Cummings was honorable before he became a politician. President Clinton said Cummings' legacy honored his oath to protect and defend the U.S. constitution. "He was Master of House, North Star and a guide to a better future for our children of the future." said  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Sen. Chuck Schumer nearly apologized for having too little time to elaborate on Cummings, whom he described as  very strong.  "Elijah Cummings not only represented Baltimore, he embodied it. He celebrated its victories and sought to advocate for its needs and worked to heal its wounds."  said Mitch O'Connel and Hillary Clinton's  declared  "Just like the prophet Elijah, from Heaven, he stood against corrupt leadership.
 Harold Span, 
the nation's top Black  CEO
in his industry for decades, shares his love and happiness  perspectives beyond  romanctic bliss as a  husband and father 
Dec. 2019 Rev. Frank Gifford on left with NYC religious leaders etc.  at Brooklyn's Borough Hall's Annual  Interfaith Breakfast
Oct. 2019 at 90 years old, Hon. U.S. HR John Conyers, despite his 2017 Congressional resignation, was known as the Dean of Washingston.  Conyer's introduced Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's U.S. Birthday Holiday commencing in 1983. Within his 50 years' as the U.S. Congressi' longest seated elected official,  Congress married at  61 and he has two children. As Co-founder of the U.S Black  Congressional Black Caucas, that had seven members when launched.  His illutrious records, show Conyers was Committee Chair for the Government House of Operations and the Judiciary Committe. 
      As a Detroit native, and natty stylish politician during his tenure, the Washington Post loathe Conyers, as the Black politician s treating America's 22 Blacks as his own constituency. Conyers American dreams' fulfillment entailed : Graduation from high school; 1950 enlistment in U..S.Army; 1954 leaves Korean War, and Army as a 2nd Lieutenant; later obtains Wayne State University's Bachelors, and finally his law egree; 1960's becomes a Washington, D. C. employee for John Dillinger, whose 57 Congressional years peaked, shortly before he died months before Conyers passed. By 1969 Conyers faced several obstacles  during  Detroit's riot recovery and its auto industry conflicts. In 2003 Conyers introduced America's first single-taxpayer Medicare for All bill that was rejected. He fought Congress to only censure Adam Clayton Powell; instead Congress did otherwise,,.  Two years later, The U.S. Supreme Court decreed that Powell's outster was illegal. He voted to impeach Nixon.  Two decades later he voted not to impeach Prsidetnt Clinton's extra-marital affair.  He pposed the Vietnam and Persian Golf Wars 
Zozunini Tunzi, South Africa's 2019 Ms. Universe's glowing indigenous beauty 

Aug. 2019  Congratulations to NYS'   U.S. HR Congressman Antonio Delgado, despite scant major media coverage regarding  how Delgado, four months since his electtion,  by January 2019, as the only Harvard Rhodes Law Scholar/attorney/rap musician' (who ignored political controversy), Delgado proposed "FAMILY FARMERS' RELIEF ACT" Bill helps farmers sustain, despite their losses also due to U.S. Tariffs against China.  Delegado's  critical bi-partisan favored bill was  passed by President Donald Trump.  Delgado'sig U.S. Farm bill, was  lauded by several farm unions and ssociations, also benefitting 5,000 farms in his Schnectady, NY 
19th district. 

Sept. 2019 this annual gala held at the  only New York City Museum of Public Relations and produced by the Spencers 
Nov. 2019, Industrial Bank's Harlem Branch opened 85 years since 1934  after Jesse Mitchell, Black Howard U. grad re-opened a formerly closed financial institution, which became Industrial Bank. In 1947 Ebony Magazine featured Industrial, as the nation's largest Black bank. Amid 1929s Great Depression, like U.S. Pres. Roosevelt swoned into office 1933, enabling America to survive the likewise,  the Industrial Bank  of 1934  survived  as Washington, D.C's only bank with 20% White depositors. Robert Mitchell,  is President/CEO heir of his grand-father's bank. Williiam Blatock, is EVP/Branch Mgr. of Industrial's Broad Street Bank, Newark, was the first among its NY/NJ branches opened in recent years.
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