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July 2015 Golden Voice Vaughn Harper, WBLS Radio's Iconic Quiet Storm Superstar excelled by promoting romantic music 
   2015 Pres. Obama & 1st Black Female U.S. Atty Gen. Loretta Lync
NY Life Insurance Agent
Albert Hinds & NYS' Comptroller,  DiNapoli in Albany
  Producer/ Icon Radio DJ, Reggie Wells' R&B great Chico DeBarge' Pre-Mother's Day 2015  Show at Harlem's Alhambra  Ballroom
       July, 2015  Anthony  Anderson,  one of  Time Magazine 's  Person of the Year  candidate, who's hit ABC-TV'S Blackish role also resulted in
Anderson becoming the world's top actor and comedian worth 245 MM, about a year  since his $18 million dollars net worth in 2014 increased with shrewd stock market and franchise portfolio investment

   Alex, Equity Crowd Funding Advisor and Business Owner
2015 Cuba's PM Raoul  Castro & U.S. President Obama
        Sept  2015,  A Vogue 
Magazine Editor reported that Emmy Awards'  winner
Viola Davis'  Acceptance's
speech was the best in
Emmy's history.  Viola, the acclaimed Rhode Island and Julliard College grad, together with Denzel Washington won 2010's 
Tony Awards for Fences. 
Viola is the star and executive producer of her
Custody film .

Sep 2015   Pope Francis  @  NYC;'s JFK   911 Memorial UN, Harlem, MSG
          Oct. 2015 Encompass New Opera Theatre 
    Cekebrate legends  Barbara  Cook  & Lee Adams
Sep.. 2015 Greater NY Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo, Vendors at Hilton Hotel, Manhattan
  Oct. 2015 Queen Afua,  Helen Snubbs' Designer Hats and Candy'a Hair'Vendors  at Circle of Sisters Expo at  Javits Center Manhattan 
Sept. 2015 Scotland Yard Musicians and 48th St. Manhattan 911  Fire Dept. Memorial 
2015 July Africans celebrating  Eric Adams'  Brooklyn  BP's 2nd Annual Int'l Friendship Day
   Dec. 2015  one
month  since
Christine  Santelli
 appeared as NYGB"S first singer-songwriter VP guest, on our
Radio's Broadcast and/Streaming 
.com. Santelli''s 
STEP ALONG single is also heard on
Evette Worthy's
Grammy's Nominated album.
Oct. 2015 Witty female rapper at Producer  Geffner's  Parkside Lounge, NYC

Oct. 2015  Singer with bassit @ Emerge Media Event Planning Expo &Circle of Sisters @ Javits
       Oct. 2015 Emerge Media Event Planning, Metropolitan Pavillion, Manhattan 
Nov. 27, 2015 DLI Performs w/Joe Battaliga , Edison Ballroom Manhattan 
 Dec. 2015 Carnegie Hall Donnie McClurkiKim Burrell Gospel Sing Along w/NJ Mass Choir 
Nov. 2015  (Right)  Bernard Rubio, Harlem Besame Restaurant Owner
 Jan. 2016 In his Final (8th) State of the Union Address,  U.S. President Obama  confirmed that his Administration has improved U.S. educational, environment, health care and employment benefits 
1926: Carter G. Woodson created
Negro History Week, now officially celebrated in Feb. as U.S.  Black History Month every February 
    2015  U.S. Flag Flies over U.S. Embaay in  Cuba for the first time i
      Mar. 2016 (L) journalist, author and
activist Kevin Powell with ABC=TV
corres. (Ctr) hosting Hillary vs,
Berrnie at Judson Mem. Church, NY  
 Nov. 2016 Nigerian Embassy, NYC with Gail Brewer Manhattan Boro Presi. and Gen Sadd  Muhammad,
 Acting Consul at Prayer Vigil after Nigerian bombings

Nov .27, 2015 Toye Davis, Edison' Ballroom  
Day After Thanksgiving 
    Nov. 2015 Anitoonia Badon, the
ZORA  NEAL HURSTON  award-winning  NAACP actress  interviewed NYC'S talented Systems  Network's independent
 independent , and unsigned singer-songwriters during a New  York Global.biz's NYGB) Sing Your Song  Singer
 Songwriters' Monday Night Show on WPAT 9:30 AM Radio and www.wpat930am.com.  
On Sundays, 5 pm she is host and the
executive producer  of WHCR RENASSANCE'S   Radio.  For more info.
 Call: 917.683.7683, - 917.657.8245. 

Dec. 2015  At the Hon. NYC Judge Lorna McCallister's Judicial Induction Reception Judge McAllister  & Husband's NYS Sen. Hamilton's Parent's Left:  Mrs. Hamilton, R: Mrs. McAllister: 
 Dec. 2015  aged  85, renowned Dr.  Barry Harris,  jazz pianist composer, Piano NYC music teacher  teaches hundreds of  stu-
dents annually also in Japan, Europe, etc. 
   Dec. 2015  Students  and staff  after Ccelebrating the 85th birthday of  the legendary  Dr. Barry Harris jazz pianist composer, music lnstructor  at Piano, NYC , 
Nov. 2015 Urbo Jazz Club Ballroom Dancing in Manhatton 
Dec. 2015 Hon. NYC Judge McCallister & Husband's NYS Sen. Hamilton's children
Mar. 2016 (L) Tiffany,  Asst. to Kevin Powell's  BET's interviewed by Crystal Johnson at Hillary vs,  Bernie  at Judson Memorial . Church 
Feb. 2016 Celebrating with family survivors, NYC Council's Laurie
Cumbo (Red) celebrates unanimous vote for her
 co-renaming Attorney Carey Gabay's Dean Derrick Griffith's and Rev. Clarence Norman's
 Brooklyn's Streets bill
March 2016 NY/NJ Chapter  National Sales Network (NSN)  Members at  their Should You Date Your Business Prospects  Seminar at Phifzer, Manhattan 
    Feb, 2016 NY Council Members Helen Rosenthal  (3rd from left)  and  Laurie Cumbo (4th from L) elected Co-Chairs of NYC's Women's Caucus
    Feb. 2016 Network Event with
 Mark Jaffe Pres. Greater NYC Chmber of Com. and Gail Brewer,  Manhattan Borough Presiden
Feb. 2016  (R) Robert Jackson
former NYC Councilman/NYS Assembly Candidate and Greater 
NYC Chamber of Com Event guest 
 Feb. 2016 thousands of New Yorkers had their first visit at Manhattan's New Federal Hall featuring  NYC'S
Community  Works' and New Heritage's Theatre's Voza Rivers and Lloyd Williams' Harlem is Downtown Gala  
  Feb. 2016 a Harlem is Downtown  collage exhibit at New Federal Hall   
 Dec. 2015 Singer Victor Sica and  Songwriter and musician Ralph Garcia performs at New York Global.biz's Sing Your Song  Singer-Songwriters WPAT 930 AM Radio Show 
Jan 2016 at Harlem's 125th St Subway female guitarist &
 female singer-songwriter.
Sep.  2015 Greater NY Chamber  of Commerce Small Busines Expo, RCN TVendor at Hilton Hotel Manhattan
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Oct. 2015 Brooklyn BP's Eric Adams Annual Italian Festival, Borough Hall, Brooklyn
 Mar.  2016  (Row 1) male  behind  NYS  Senartor Jesse's Hamilton,  who's
 Brownsville's Campus  is the  first U.S. project housing tech  center for 12-18 year olds students
Mar.  2016 lst Row, 3rdn R) Broolkyn BP Eric Adams  
4) on far right, NYS Senator Jesse  Hamilton, at their
Shirley Chilsom Excellence Awards
 June 28, 2016 BET Awards' Sheila Eaton's June 28th dazzling tribute floored us.Global Birthday Memorials for Prince  the acclaimed music virtuoso avatar, including Harlem's Apollo and Heritage Theatre's, and Kevin Powell's gala,  earlier in June.
 June 4, 2016 Their story is that "must read"
 New York Times Article.' containing  startling remarks from The Greatest Muhammad Ali's former  boxing spar trainer,  immy Sheen, owner of famous Jimmy's Corner West 44th St.. Manhattan Boxing Museum curated Dive Bar during  its  45 years. This cozy venue
where celebrity, local customers, reporters, and tourists study wall-to-wall photos of boxing and legends thru 1990'ss at Jimmy's Corner's walls,where this New York Times interview occurred.
 July 5, 2016 U.S. President Barack Obama and former "rising star" Secy. of State  Presidential Candidate'' Hillary Clinton''s campaign

Starting July 10, 2016 Brooklyn BP Eric Adams leaves no stone nor jazz unturned for cultivation
 June 2016 Bill Walsh's Small Business  Expo, Ribbon Cutting at Javits CtR, NY       
       July 2016 Trip Advisor Awards Jimmy's Corner with a 438 among 10,189 Certificate of Excellence  Ranking for a NYC Restaurant/Bar
June 26, 2016 Grey's Anatomy's actor, Dr. Jackson's Jesse Williams stuns millions during his powerful, BET's 2016 Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech emphasizing why Black Lives Matter.  
June 2016 Bartender with
light blue shirt won lst Place for best  
Burbon Cocktail Awards at the Marriott Hotel,  Adams St.
 July 3, 2016 New York Global.Biz invited sources to attend this special Empower-ment 
Forum.  Did you  attend this great
May  016 Fleet Week NavySoldiers 
 10th Ave/53rd St., Manhattan
Dec. 2015...NYGB's Publisher's ballerina granddaughter's and her classmates at Newark's Robert Treat Hotel recital
Oct. 2015  Circle of Sisters @ Jacobs Javits Center  Rain Int'l vendors
 ( left to right) Exec. Mgr. Jay Clark (917.721.7832), Mgr., Bob Blake,  and ...
First Lady Michelle Obama's plea helped resulted in approx. 100 young female African captives safe return 
Click photo to read spar trainer's Jimmy Sheen's amazing  July WPIX- TV 11 Interview re: "The Greatest" .
July 11, 2015  Robert Jackson future NYS Senator, former 3 terms NYC Councilman who uniquely raised billions for NYC Public Schools at his Washington Hgts headquarters 
  July  2016... Again
 History's Venus &  Serena Williams'  non-stopped Wimbledom's consecutive years' tennis champs' victory
The Best Democratic Winning Convention in Years, and fine  Aug 4, Birthday gift for  our 44th U.S. President Barack Obama
Elegantly attired lovely, yet mournful "Black Lives Matters" Mom's of police brutality slain victims confirmed Mrs. Clinton' s compassion and possible solutions 
June 2016 Prince's previous Vibe Magazine Interviews detail his musical journey and where withal 
 Sept. 2016 Birthday Celebration at Braai South African Restaurant, Manhattan, for  Professor Kenshasas Shebaka, Mental Health Consultant and TV Executive Producer/Host of  her 17th year's  "1001 Ways To Cope With Stress'" Fri.-MNN; Tues.- BRIC Cable
    Oct 19, 2016 Meet Guyana's former Hunter and John  Jay College's Professor, Dr. Monderson, the prolific gifted/author and U.S. vet's three "can't stop reading" mesmerizing political, historical books. Dr. Monderson's critically needed tome series for high schools, college studies and libraries, world-wide, comprise hundreds of photos, within each of its 500 plus pages. They're replete  comprehensive facts also containing President Obama's quotes and speeches before and after he became U.S. Commander -In-Chief. Dr. Monderson's presents details and the depths of  our resilient President Obama's domestic/global leadership that helped restructure America, and various countries.  His biographical challenges and that endured by his African and Caucasian ancestors are adequately portrayed, including his wife, First Lady, Michelle, and his family's grace in the White House. 
Startling developments and laws regarding our complex U.S'
Government are concisely  revealed.  
 June 2016 ..Her landmark 911 text bill allows people to send emergency texts and photos direct to 911 NYC Headquarters.
Thank former Alaska Governor Palin, for stating "There seems to be  different standards for women candidates debating men," i.e a. sit-down debate for male VP Candidates Keane/Pence, vs. Presidential Candidate Clinton, standing  90 minutes in heels debating Trump: 
SEP.  2016  The Gathering's Feminine Principles Dancers at Be Sweet Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mar. 2016 Pres. Rain Int'l Brian Belka & Ex. Founder Jay Clarke
Aug.  2016 Music/Business P. Diddy Combs' Announces his new Harlem Charter School in Harlem, NY
Oct. 7-9 , 2016 Armstead Exchange Open House also celebrates its nearby Five Spot Restaurant/Bar in Brooklyn
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Oct. 9. 2016 Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with The Havana Cuban All Stars