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Oct. 2015 Encompass New Opera Theatre  Celebrate legends Barbara Cook & Lee Adams
Dec. 2015 a month since Christine Santelli's interview
 as NYGB"S first singer-songwriter VIP guest interview
on our SING YOUR SONG'S WPAT 930AM Radio's Broadcast and
com streaming
interview Santelli''s 
single is also heard on Evette Worthy's
Grammy's Nominated album.
Jan. 2016 In his Final (8th) State of the Union Address,  U.S. President Obama confirmed that his Administration has improved U.S. educational, environment, health care and employment benefits
1926:Carter G. Woodson Foumder of
Negro History Week, now officially Feb's U.S.'
 Black History Month
March  2016 (Left) journalist, author and
activist Kevin Powell with ABC=TV
Correspondent. (Centerr) hosting Hillary vs.
Bernie at Judson Memorial. Church, NY
Nov. 2015 Anitoonia Badon, the
ZORA NEAL HURSTON  award-winning  NAACP actress interviewed NYC'S talented Systems Network'sindependent, and unsigned singer-songwriters during a New  York Global.biz's NYGB) Sing Your Song Singer Songwriters' 
Monday Night Show on WPAT 9:30 AM Radio and www.wpat930am.com. 
On Sundays, 5 pm she is host and the
executive producer of WHCR RENASSANCE'S  Radio. For info. Call: 917.683.7683 - 917.657.8245.

Dec. 2015 At the Hon. NYC Judge Lorna McCallister's Judicial Induction Reception Judge McAllister & Husband's NYS Sen. Hamilton's Parent's Left: Mrs. Hamilton, R: Mrs. McAllister:
Mar. 2016 (L) Tiffany, Âsst. to Kevin Powell's  BET'snterviewed by Crystal Johnson at Hillary vs,  Bernie at Judson Memorial . Church 
Feb. 2016 Celebrating with family survivors, NYC Council's Laurie Cumbo (Red) celebrates unanimous vote for herco-rBrooklyn's streets' renaming  for Atty. Carey Gabay'. Dean Derrick Griffith and 
Rev. Clarence Norman bill
March 2016 NY/NJ Chapter National Sales Network (NSN) Members at their Should You Date Your Business Prospects Seminar at Phifzer, Manhattan
  Feb, 2016 NY Council Members Helen Rosenthal  (3rd from left) and Laurie Cumbo (4th from left) elected Co-Chairs of NYC's Women's Caucus
Feb. 2016 Network Event with Mark Jaffe Pres. Greater NYC Chmber of Com. and Gail Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
Feb. 2016 (R) Robert Jackson  former NYC Councilman/NYS Assembly Candidate and Greater NYC Chamber of Com Event guest
 Feb. 2016 at NYC's New Federal Hall thousands attend Harlem is Downtown Gala''s Community Works' and New Heritage's Voza Rivers and Lloyd Williams Production
 Feb. 2016Harlem is Downtown collage exhibit at New Federal Hall 
Dec. 2015 SingerVictor Sica and Songwriter and musician Ralph Garcia performs at New York Global.biz's Sing Your Song Singer-Songwriters WPAT 930 AM Radio Show
Jan 2016 at Harlem's 125th St Subway female guitarist &
 female singer-songwriter.
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Mar. 2016 (Row 1) male behind NYS  Senartor Jesse's Hamilton,  who's Brownsville's Campus is the first U.S. project housing tech center for 12-18 year olds students
Mar.  2016 lst Row, 3rd R) Brooklyn BP Eric Adams 
4th R)  NYS Sen. Jessie Hamilton 
June 28, 2016 BET Awards' Sheila Eaton's dazzling tribute floored us during their Global Birthday Memorial for
 Prince  the acclaimed music virtuoso avatar, for whom Harlem's Apollo , Heritage Theatres' and Kevin Powell's also held their Prince Memorial Tribute June

June 2016 Bill Walsh's Small Business Expo, Ribbon Cutting at Javits Center, NY       
 2016 Trip Advisor Awards Jimmy's Corner with a 438 among 10,189 Certificate of Excellence  Ranking for a NYC Restaurant/Bar
June 26, 2016 Grey's Anatomy's actor, Dr. Jackson's Jesse Williams stuns millions during his powerful, BET's 2016 Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech emphasizing why Black Lives Matter.
June 2016 Bartender with light blue shirt won lst Place for the best Burbon Cocktail Awards at the Marriott Hotel, Adams St., Brooklyn
May 2016 Fleet Week Navy Soldier on 10th Avenue/53rd Street,  Manhattan
Dec. 2015...NYGB's Publisher's ballerina granddaughter's and her classmates at Newark's Robert Treat Hotel recital

First Lady Michelle Obama's plea helped resulted in approx. 100 young female African captives safe return
July 11, 2015  Robert Jackson future NYS Senator, former 3 terms NYC Councilman who uniquely raised billions for NYC Public Schools at his Washington Hgts. headquarters
July 2016... Again Venus & Serena Williams' Wimbledom's consecutive years' tennis champs' victory
Nov. 8, 2016 Election Night at Javits Center elegantly attired lovely, yet mournful "Black Lives Matters" Mom's of police brutality slain victims confirmed their support for possible 45th U.S. 
"President to be Hillary Clinton .
Sept. 2016 at Braai South African Restaurant, Manhattan, birthday celebration for Professor Kenshasas Shebaka, Mental Health Consultant and TV Executive Producer & Host of her 17th years'"1001 Ways To Cope With Stress'" Fri.-MNN; Tues.- BRIC
June 2016 Her landmark 911 text bill allows people to emergency texts and direct to 911 NYC Headquarters.
Spring 2016 Pres. Rain Int'l Brian Belka and Executive Founder Jay Clarke
Aug. 2016 Music/Business P. Diddy Combs' Announces his new Harlem Charter School 
 Oct. 7-9, 2016 Armstead Open House also celebrates its nearby Five Spot Restaurant's Bar,  Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 2016 Havana Cuban All Stars Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Nov, 4, 2016 Mr. Jay & Beyonce Carter at their Hillary Clinton President.Concert, Cleveland, Ohio
Nov. 6, 2016 NYGB meets Staff members Misha, (Right) and other staffers above at Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary
Clinton's Phila. Campaign Office
Nov. 2016 Medgar Evers' College Students, Sandra and Xavier discuss fortthcoming U.S. Election "to vote, or not vote" with NYGB
 Nov. 9, 2016 Left: P. Metiever Pres. Goody Sounds with Upsize
Associates' 3rd Left, Denise Accessories, Right in Yellow Sista Love,
Maliki,  publicist at Javits Center, NY Business Expo.
Nov. 8, 2016. Following our Hillary Clinton Campaign calls, the eminent The Black Institute's President Bertha Lewis' receives prolific author Monderson's two of his three President Obama Commander -In-Chief books, that also references Hillary Clinton's fine leadership

Jan.14, 2017 At tev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Wash. D.C. Memorial , , Civil Rights Minister,  Activist/TV host Rev. Sharpton leads protest 
Dec. 5, 2016
Phyllis Yvonne Stickney,  New Jack City and Women of Brewster Place's star, comedian, writer, poet's full-of-hilarity Laughter and Lyrics' Show again returns to Ashford'& Simpson's Sugar Bar, Manhattan
Nov. 2016 Dr.  Dee, Upsize Pres.
Princess of B Riddick TV Show pose with NYGB Magazine at  New York Business Expo, Javits Center 
Nov. 2016 Bricolage Law Firm staff at New York Business Expo, Javits Center
Thanksgiving 2016. Epsilon Pi Chapter and Alpha Kappa Alpha's generous annual event near Queens'Jamaica Ctr. served hundreds of dinners at least 10 course meals, and many left with large storage and diners bags stuffed with clothing, accessories and more
Thanksgiving 2016 the 7th year Jacobs' Restaurant Soul Food and Salad Bars, Harlem served hundreds of free meals. Brooklyn's BP Eric Adams gave 1,000 free turkeys and Metro Cards and meals; Boys and Girls HS.  NYC Council Member Laurie Cumbo fed seniors at three locations.
Nov. 2016  the legendary Gwen Ifil, raised by immigrant parents in Queens highly awarded political major Print media, and PBS Ânchor
and managing editor passed
Thanksgiving 2016 (Right) Rachid Niange, owner of Jacobs' Restaurants Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 
with VIPS 
Chicago Times: Free tickets for President Obama's Jan. 20, 2017, 9 PM,  Live Television Farewell Speech in Chicago selling for $5,000
Dec. 2016 President Barack Obama meets "Hidden Figures"  stars Kevin Costner, Olivia Spencer,
Taraji P. Henson
Mar. 2016 (L) BET TV student video-photographer and reporter journalist, activist and motivational speaker taping Hillary vs, Bermie at Judson Mem. Church, NY​ 
July 2016  U.S.  Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Convention Highlights
Click photo and to hear WPIX-TV's interview with rare memories of Muhammad Ali, told by Jimmy Glenn, former boxing trainer, gym owner and owner of the famous Jimmy's Corner, West 44th Street, Manhattan venue
JULY 2016 Ohio, President Obama continues his committed Presidential Campaigning for First Madam President-to-be Hillary Clinton

Nov. 6, 2016 NYGB Greets Phila. campaign staff of Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton
Thanksgiving 2016 Alpha Kappa's Alpha's Soriety Sisters who hosted their annual Queens Jamaica center event.
Nov. 9 , 2016 Cashflow Recovery Services at New York Business Expo, Javits Center
 Nov.9, 2016 Energetic Solar Vendor Firm New York Business Expo, Javits Center
Nov. 2016 Gravate LLC Vendor firm
includes posting w NYGB Mag at New York Business Expo Javits Center
Nov. 9, 2016 - 45th President Elect Trump meets 44th President the White House 
Nov. 9, 2016 Constant Contacts , Left Helen with
staff at New York Business Expo, Javits Center
K. Strozier Hedge Fund Mgr &  Wealth.co President. (see P. 3 NYGB''s Claim To Fame: top Right )
March 17, 2017 Award Winning Author  Cindy Jolien Smilien's Haiti Is Book Party to be held at Clinton Hill and Walt Whitman Brooklyn, NY libraries
Fall: 2016 Right Professor Kenshasa Shabaka
TV Host/Ex. Producer1001 Ways To Cope With Stress and Ms. Diane, President of their live televised Gathering Event
Legendary author, professor and historian's Dr. Monderson's published four President Obama books among 26 others.. Click top of  home page's right hand NYGB mag.
Singer-Songwriter's Olivia K's Awesome
 Power Video.
Founder/President/Coach  Coach Mike Mayden's new league to read by clicking Current NYGB mag Claim To Fame issue's inside back cover
2nd from Right Jay Clark, Exec. Platinum Founder of Rain Int'l with Russ Crowley,  Mktg. VP (pink shirt) and Ali Yasin , Rain's Diamond Founder  (Left) and other Rain Associates
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March 17, 2017 NYS Sen. Jessie Hamilton's 
Chisholm Women of  Excellence Awards 
attended by  over 200 guests, including: 
March 2017 Dante James, Emmy Award Winning Independent Film Maker Announced
Dr. Fred Monderson's Reflections of the Obama''s  Age 1001 Ways to Cope With Stress TV interview with Host/Ex. Producer Kenshasa  Shebaka
Fact or Fiction:  U.S. Consumers are not paying off car loans?  Click answer below 
March 18, 2017 NYS Assembly Woman Diane Ricardson's third  Annual Shirley Chisholm Empowerment Conf in Bklyn
Fact or Fiction: Will Adidas' sneakers return to the U.Swith Robots to annually produce 500,000 pairs sneakers with 150 employees? Click below for answer.
2016 Annual NY School for the Deaf 's NYS Sen. Jessie Hamilton's Communications Dir. L) Executive Asst., R) and other staff member
Top  rated Harlem's Jacob   Chez 
Restaurant 133rd St., Frederick Douglass Blvd. Read NYGB's Claim to Fame issue. 
Click Above to Register for Rescheduled Date
March 27, 2017 Women's History Celebration at Harlem's Schomberg Free. Click Above for  information
March   2017 Community, Business and Clergy Members Who Also Met with NY'S U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer to discuss critical political issues. 
March 2017 at 90, Chuck Berry, genius singer-songwriter-guitarist  also known as  "Father" of Rock and Roll and  Rhythm in Blues pioneer,  after his rough teen-age years, Hia popularity included Maybelline, Rock and Roll Music, Johnnie B. Goode , Nadine hits. some  ingeniously  constructed to omit ethnic references thus boosting his  worldly 
March 17, 2017 at 91, David Rockefeller, (at a United Negro College Fund gala) reputedly a black-tie statesman, philanthropist and  banker who notably established Chase's huge, global banking empire, following his grandfather's John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s  footsteps, who  live to age 100,  long after  validating his Rockefellers as  America's first billionaire''s family. The sixth child of NY Gov. Nelson Rockefeller,  David  crafted NYC'S  Think Tank  that ended the City's 1960's-1970s fiscal crisis.  He  built massive housing for NY'S low and middle income families  as a wealthy art  collector and charitable art donor.
Mar. 2017 94th St./Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan's 710 West  Restaurant owner Charles Davis pose  with host Phyllis Harvin for Birthday Lady Darius    holding latest NYGB "Claim to Fame" issue. 

2017 memories of  Sasha and Malia, as lovely/smart daughters of their witty pretty mom First Lady Michelle and handsome dad  Pres. Obama, who's lives include enjoying reading together as a family. 
March 2017 at the Unification Church East 35th St., Manhattan,Women' Federation for World Peace networking as panelists, speakers and student performers and awardees 
A pril  2017 :  FINALLY...NYS Gov. Cuomo and our politcians 'created the first state in the U.S. providing  tuition free for 2 and 4 years' college students,  who must remain NYS residents.

April 2016. At 57, Brooklyn native, Charlie Murphy, bearing his fine smile (as a great  comedian, actor, writer and brother of Super-Star Eddie Murphy)
and  his "never  was  a dull moment" life is a potential  best seller bio/ blockbuster movie. Wendy Williams'  TV  Talk Show honored Charlie 
Stellar Wendy Williams's TV Talk Show seeks TV journalism student interns, 18 and over for spring,
summer, fall internships who will also earning College Credits as interns for this show
'"For the first time in my lifetime, Black deaths have decreased; that’s great news. I am delighted that BlackDoctor.org has been a strong advocate to achieve this kind of outcome,” said Reggie Ware, Founder and CEO of BlackDoctor.org. “
NYS Sen. Diane J. Savino of SI, noted the role of NYS Sen Velmanette Montgomery, who ininitiated  the Raise The Age NYS  bill for non-violent youth offenders.   Sen. Montgomery also sponsored the S1016A bill for  youths correctional facilities  to be near  parents home , as read above in NYGB Mag . 
Since 2009 NYS Sen. Velmanette Montgomer urged NYS Raise The Age bill