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Singer-Songwriter's  Olivia K's Awesome Power Video
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March 2017 Dante James, Emmy Award Winning Independent Film Maker  announced his forthcoming films

March 27, 2017 Women's History Celebration at Harlem's 
Schomberg Free. Click Above for more information
April 2017 At 57, Brooklyn native, Charlie Murphy, bearing his fine smile (as a great  comedian, actor, writer and brother of Super-Star Eddie Murphy)  and  his "seldom  a dull moment" life,  is a potential  best seller bio/ blockbuster movie. Wendy Williams'  TV  Talk Show honored Charlie. 
IN 2009 "NYS  for Equal Justice" Visionary Senator  Velmanett Montgomery introduced and urged NYS "Raise The Age"  bill
April 2017 Van Jones Speaks at 17th NAN Convention at Sheraton Center, attendred by 
approximately 4,000 guests
April 2017 Black female scholar excepted at several Ivy League Schools without scholarships
April 2017  from left NJ'S  Motivation Speaker,  Ms. Bobbi, among VIP guests at FIT's Professor Alan Rogers, Borough MP'S  Gale Brewer , and New Heritage Theatre 's "How  to Market Your Products  Online"  STEM Blogging Seminar at Mist, Harlem, NY
2017  Added to  her 
"Justice For All" speech, Rev. Leah Daughtry, is 2016  and 2008's  CEO of  the DNC  Cmt. whose leadership and 30,000 budget resulted in U.S. President Obama's first term.
April 2017 Gov. Cuomo Signs Raise The Age Bill, with Sofiyah  Elijah, Jusrice Akeem Browder,, Sen. Hamilton, Rev. Sharpton, Cong. Rangel , 
among others.
Spring 2017 - Mayya T Jones, Mayor of Detroit candidate and Michigan State U's senior student, who raised five younger siblings after her mother became sick has great plans for Detroit, Michigan
June 18, 2017 FATHER'S DAY  Celebration at  PARIS BLUES, oldest  original owner of   Harlem "Live Music  No Cover" Jazz  Club visited by President and First Lady Obama'
 May 2017  New York Global.Biz's  enjoyed photographing this proud Black father and smiling infant son, on NY Ave., Crown Htgs., Brooklyn. 
May 2016 Left: Husband John Coleman, Brooklyn DA's Campaign Mgr. for wife and Brooklyn Atty. Patricia Gatling, Brooklyn DA Candidate, and  Reggie  Van Lee, retired Booz Allen  Ex. and President Obama's Arts /Humanities Awardee Board Member, and host  of her fundraiser at his posh ManhattaPenthouse Condo.
May 2017 two men/left are  Mc Graw Hill Bldg. Mgt Staff with Executive of Justice 
For All Ball.
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Spring 2017 the 46th Street Restaurant Row in Manhattan, Restaurant Week celebration also featured famed B.B. King's Patrick Simpson's Executive Chef's personal appearance, while guests feasted on his mouth watering samples 

Spring 2017 Ninth Ave. Street Fair  Vendor
Sep. 12, 2017 NYC Pubic Advocate Letia James, Harlem's Bill Perkins,
 Manhattan's Helen Rosenthal, Brooklyn's Laurie Cumbo, among other NYC's Incumbent Democratic  NYC Council Members Primary Winners

July 3, 2017 Mark Anthony (left)  noted Black Warhol impressionist artist with guests at  Sweet Bird  Restaurant,  Eighth 
Jemiah Battle's health studies  includes his medical heart monitor to prevent heart attacks' small  heart monitor 
Aug. 2017 Master P's New Orleans Gators are among his Global Mix Gender  (GMG) basketball 
league's pro 
players i.e.:  the Gonzales' twin sisters, Ron Artist, and other females receiving equal salaries, from the $400M Hip Hop mogul, former pro  ball player.  
Summer 2017 At popular Paris Blues, Harlem Jazz Club, Dr Secret Tryoine Gavon's iconic band leader warmly greeted by the daughter of the late award-winning Essence Magazine Editor Verde Mae Grosvernor
Oct. 2017 Miss USA 2016 first USA Miltary's enlisted winner,  Chairing Celebrating Life' Foundation's Annual Fitness Festival  in Cedar Hills, Texas, for  Cancer  Patients. 
 Taylor Baloney's"Gotcha " Find My Everything Invention finds people,  lost keys, wallets, phones, 
April 2017 Encountering Mrs. Gwen Carr, at NAN's 17th Convention, since her son's NYPD tragedy, NYGB  is pleased to  support Gwen's speaking engagements
Summer 2017 Aliya Nelson, imminent attorney, ad agency managing principal, philanthropist, etc., appointed as  the new Executive Director for The Black Institute  by  Berttha Lewis, Founder and President of this Manhattan based  non-profit 

June 2017 New Times Sq. Pink Caterpillar public lounge furniture.
Sept. 12, 2017 Incumbent NYC Mayor Di-Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray celebrate his primary victory
Hot of the Press... Mr. & Mrs.
  Solutions for Happiness 
Family Book 
Popular Black  Female Owned Top Rated Beef Jerky  Co., seeks new distributors. .
Malcolm  McDaniels of  NYC' S
Brooklyn's Borough Pres. Eric Adams Administration's Constituents Center 
Shontay Lunday's Black Sunscreen product invention,  80for darkk-skinned persons protecting and nourishing their skin against sun damage. 
himself , a 2nd term NYC Mayor and  22 Democrats  re-elected 
 City Council members.  Mayor DeBlasio recently terminated "Anti-NYC Cabaret Dance"  enforcednduring Pohibition, thus reinstating nightclub dancing , and made NYC the first City permitting eviction proned low income tents to receive  free lawyers for
He not only donated free cell phones and Sim cards donated to Puerto Rican Hurricane victims by Fred Ruggers,  the 28 years young Black man is the owner/inventor of TeleCom Corp.
Summer 2017  Brenda Braxton Broadway's Award Winning Actress, Dancer, Author of  "Little Black 
Book of Backstage Etiquette "
Harlem's World Fede.of Churches'  Bishop Marcus (managjng  eight  NYS' churches and wife Rev. Juanita-Pierre Louis, Pastor of  120t  Street  Church in Harlem, and VP of Int'l Women's for Peace Mission
Leland Melvin, Former NFL player now an  NASA astronaut  and author of  "Chasing Space," books
Oct. 2017 B Social Change (Ctr) speaker, actress, model, film director, producer, "Detox Me" Author Sumner Oates Raynes with (Right) ) Paulette Stephens, writer/ photographer and guest 
 J. R. Fenwick's  "Flip That Stock"  and  "Hold That Stock" Program helps stock purchasers and investors
Iconic musician, Grammy nominee four-times Apollo dance finalist Tyrone Gavon (Ctr.) loyal fans at his  Harlem, Paris Blues Show 
Sep. 2017 - More than 100 years since a Black man invented  his unpatented potato chips in the U.S., Dante Anderson and his daughters created their Black Family Owned Gluten Free, No MSG Potato now sold in 41 States 
Summer 2017 J.P. Morgan Chase's bold move easing  businesses' Bit Coins  purchases
That Thursday night after NYC'S "911" Trauma, the late Andre Shields created /hosted what became the Ashford & Simpson's Manhattan Sugar Bar's  packed house  Broadway  Musical Open Mic Style show, also featuring celebrities  
2017 Author/Non Profit Leader's Announced 10th Book
July 2017 Tenenage participants adorned Caribbean Parade headwear  Brooklyn Borough Hall's Heritage Week Galas reflects Brooklyn Presi. Eric Adams'  plans for New York's first Caribbean Heritage Museum.
Nov. 2017 Announcement of UNCA's Michael Jackson's $5,000 Scholarships
Fall 2017 Marcel Townsel  first U.S. Veteran to launch an Upscale Iconic Men's  Apparel Store  
FAA"S  $27 Million Dollar Contracts for Nancy Espie's Black female owned UGEECS construction firm 
Though DJ "Doc"  and Shirley Smoot are celebrating 18 years of spinning  at Harlem's  popular 98  Colonel Charles Young Post, since 1922, this  U.S. Veterans Post was  named after  Colonel Charles Young,  one America's top Black U.S. Army Officer,   Social services include jazz  and R&B music, plus dining  
August 2017 On Harlem's W. 125 St. an owner poses with his rare non-Parakeet  bird" pleasantly says hello to people
Dec. 12017 NYFD's first Deputy Chief Tanya Boyd honored at Nati'l Coalition of 100 Black  Women's
Women's  "Bringa Toy"  Xmas Gala 
Noted Author Edward J.Ridley's The Golden Aplle  Changing The Structure of 
Civili aton presents is now available
Ella's Golden Eggs Book teaches "How To Never Be Broke Again In Real Estate"
Nov. 4, 2017 "Ms. Rashida" leaves Harlem's Jacob's Rest, after her riveting Maysles Theatre Show, as a dark-skinned activist, playwright, producer and author setting the record straight re: dark-skinned beauties' power, tribulations, etc.  that her riveting performance  reveals hilariously and melodramatically as only an activist is so capable of exuding.
April 2017.  These 17 and  16 year old  Domincian Republic sisters from Somerset, NJ provided a an emergency "safety net" trip for "Yours Truly of NYGB to be featured in our Record Breakers issue
Dec. 2017  Layer Cake Wine Tastings held at Ninth Ave. Vinter, Manhattan 
Nov. 2017 Among  bartenders at  music tycoon'  Jay  z's  
posh 40/40  Club/ Sports Bar 

MSNBC's Brooklyn based Joy Reid Weekend Cable Show beats Fox News and CNN  lst. qtr 2018, She';a among panelists at  NAN''S 2018 Conf
from NYGB 'S Media's Services 
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Dec. ' 10th New York's  U.S. Congressman Jerome Nadler,  won  the  Democrat Chairman of  tje House Judicial Committee poosition, after  U.S.  Congressman  John Conyers  retired
Feb. 3, 2018 ABC--TV  featured gorgeous Singer Songwriter Barbara King and Julian Philips, and her famous Fox TV personality' husband's  Sound Bites Jazz & Blues Club

Since . 2017 10 Year Old  "A" student, Gabrielle Goodwin's patented invention sells in every U.S. state, and nine countries. 
Feb, 2018  Syracuse Univ. Pub. Relsations and English Prof. Dr. Rochelle, with Shelley Spector, Museum of Public Rels. Founder.   Dr. Rochelle 'students also honored her  at this Black History Month Event.  
July 2017 Eminent dentist , Dr. Green and family served samples of their line of  organic nutritional salmon, soup,  and other dishes at Brrooklyn Borough President Eric Adams'  Annual Annual Caribbean Heritage event  at Brooklyn's 
Borough Hall 
 April 15, 2018 Ballet Hispanio's NY Season  final date. May 18, at  United Palace Theatre, Upper Manhattan 
Steve Harvey acknowledges his sucess due to God  given his  rare  comedian, author, radio and tv host acclaim   
 April 30,  2018 dealine aaplying  for Jay Shawn Carter & his Mom's scholarships up to $2,500 minmum 2.0 high school or  GED college bound 
March 2018's Weather Channel purchase by Byron Allen, is one among eight channels within his prestigious  Entertainment Students 
Mar thru  April 2018, 2018  Broadway's
 Chicago Musical'sa raved reviewed singer-songwriter painist Valerie Simpson, and widow of she and her late husband',
   Nick  Ashford and Simpson's duo.
From 9/2  to 9/8 /18 Sisters and 
Friends attending the 12th annual Martha's Vineyard includes Black women from various backgrounds and ages nationwide
Sep. 22, 2018 in Washington, D.C.     Annual Black Owned Wine and Spirits      Conventione he
(NAIA)  NATIONAL ALLOTMENT INSURANCE AGENCY'S (NAIA) Payroll deductions' Whole Life, Annuity, and A++A+, AAA, etc. underwriters' financial planning policies, for 50 years, by Samuel Dunston, Brooklyn, NY'S NAIA, award-winning agency's individual and group policies for retailers, corps., education, health, churches, among non- profits. To  apply:.  Call: 718,622.3888

Ladi Delano Nigeria's 
youngest Serial Billionaire Entrepreneur 's  vodka, real estate and miining 
Shark Tank's Damon John's invested $150IK in in Mr. & Mrs. Lovell's Joe's Fish Fry Product.

NYGB regrets not attending, despite our invitation to witness the miracuously recovered actor Tracy Morgan's "key to the city" honor from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' on Dec. 9 
2018 "Biggie Smalls, Deceased Hip 
Hop Legend  Christopher Wallace has Brooklyn's Gates and St. James Place  street strip  named after him

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Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough Pres
2019 is a year when America's HR1242 pledge commerating 400 years since America forced African slaves and their successive Black American families' vast, yet painful, free and 237 years later mere pay, for labor and inventions thru 1965, U.S, Treas, Secy's May 24 announced no Harriet Tubman $20 bill, that celebrates women's 100 years of voting rights, that President Obama's Cabinent Treasury Secy propose will not occur in 2020, 
May 2019 Phenomenal charitable exchanges occurred  when Principal Akbar Cook of Newark's Westside High School, received  a surprise visit from Media Magnate "Oprah" included her $500,000 donation, supporting Akbar's critically designed "Lights On" program/ $50 Shop Rite gift card, plus pizza.   
May 2019 Top Billionaire Black Male Robert F. Smith's startling philanthrophy announcement:  To pay Morehouse 2019 College grads' school debts.